November 4, 2021
by Skyler Smith

The ability to rely on fewer people for each supply chain movement is an underestimated positive change when looking towards the future, especially in a time where finding labor is proving difficult. According to TT News, trucking is currently short 80,000 Drivers and is estimated to require 1.1 million new drivers over the next decade to keep up with the demands of our supply chains. From The Port of Long Beach, 100 intermodal Rail cars save 300 truckers over 800 miles and 12 hours of drive time to the western crossroads of Salt Lake City at four times the fuel efficiency (Association of American Railroads). When considering the fact that 21.6% of truckers decide to leave their carrier based on home time consistency, focusing trucking operations on shortened drive times from key crossroads could help diminish the second largest reason drivers leave their carriers.