July 31, 2017
by Jacob Ritter

Augmented reality for consumer use is a growing trend that many people are both excited and anxious to see come to market. Augmented reality is somewhat a reverse of virtual reality. Virtual reality transports you to another place while augmented reality transports objects into “our world”. It’s uses are very powerful for everyday people and for businesses in general.


Augmented reality is already underway to help ecommerce businesses such as Amazon help consumers create a custom-tailored shopping experience to increase their overall satisfaction with the products they purchase. One such example is furniture buying. An idea for using augmented reality to help this specific market is the consumer would take a picture of their room that they are considering purchasing furniture for. Next, the user will insert the furniture into “their living room” to see if they actually like the way it looks and matches other tones and pieces already in the vicinity. This could monumentally help consumers stay satisfied with these companies and keep the annoying costly processes of returning items to a minimum.


Another example of companies using augmented reality for the appeal of the market is Apple. Apple has made some pretty big acquisitions into the AR realm (4 different companies costing millions of dollars). They see it as the future of technology use and have a cool idea of how it could help users. One example is bringing animations such as a dog, cat, or other animal “into your home” without them actually being there. This would be very fun for kids who may not be allowed the opportunity to see them or play with actual pets in their homes. Another cool concept Apple was crafting was using AR for their Maps app. Users either walking on the streets or on the road would be able to hold up their phone using their camera and be able to see and identify what a building contained inside. Think of walking in New York City and wondering what that weird looking castle-esque building is across the street. A cool software innovation that combines AR and geo-processing technology could tell you the building’s name, when it was built, and what it has inside of it. Pretty cool huh.

Augmented reality is an awesome and innovative technology that is sure to transform the way the consumers and businesses go about their daily lives. In the realm of industrial commercial real estate there are some pretty exciting new implementations that we could use to help improve efficiency and time-management for companies. Keeping up to speed on these amazing technological advancements are critical for companies to stay on top of their competitors and that’s how IPG is able to deliver such great service to its clients. We know our market, utilize the latest and coolest technologies relevant to industrial real estate, and implement these tools to create value for our most valuable asset: our clients. I hope you found this article about augmented reality cool! Go check some of our other recent blogs!