August 19, 2019
by Tammy Zaelit

As another school year dawns bright this week, it seems to mark the passing of time. When you are a kid you measure things summer to school year, and once you have kids it seems to do it all over again. As the mother of 4 it seems to make it more surreal for me this year as it’s the first year in a very long time where I only have 1 child in school and she is a Junior this year! It has made me wonder if I have spent enough time making memories with my kids and not just trying survive getting them raised. Looking back, I remember times in my life where I was just wishing and hoping to survive and get to the next point instead of taking the time to slow down and take stock of what was around me. I heard a song at my daughters’ graduation at the beginning of the summer that really had me thinking, and taking stock of how I am living and viewing my life. Am I a participant or am I merely a viewer on the sidelines?  If you haven’t heard Ben Platt’s Older ( I highly suggest it. First, it’s a truly amazing, and beautiful song, and second it has an amazing message. Because

When you are younger
You’ll wish you’re older
Then when you’re older
You’ll wish for time to turn around
Don’t let your wonder turn into closure
When you get older

I am trying to make more time in my life to enjoy life and to slow down and to make more memories so that I can look back at my life and know that I lived it and not just observed it.

My kids in California last year – Making memories and LIVING!