Experience: count ours across multiple decades and millions of square feet in client requirements. Our team knows how to maximize value and avoid pitfalls. And our tailored solutions have helped our industrial-focused clients all across the US. From straight-up distribution space to cutting edge manufacturing facilities, our clients run the spectrum of industrial business types. Whatever challenges you face across the real estate vertical, we’ll deliver bigger solutions.

Focused On Clients

Mygrant Glass

Multiple land transactions and  multiple building purchases nearing 1 million sq ft total

The data IPG shares and their ability to put the progress report in front of people and the visibility is what I would call excellent customer service!

Tom McGinnis | CFO


Stadler Rail

62.75 Acres

There is no way we wouldn’t refer IPG to other customers in the real estate market. It was an all-around incredible experience to work with IPG.

Martin Ritter | CEO


Jacobsen Construction

Multiple building and land transactions

IPG is not looking to just get a deal done… they are vested in helping us find solutions that will bring long-term success.

Gary Ellis | CEO


Let’s Get This Partnership Started

We’ve got decades of expertise, a dedicated team, a world-class international network, and we understand that when it comes to building your business and solving your unique challenges, one solution definitely doesn’t fit all. The only thing that’s missing now is you. Let’s collaborate together. Reach out and let’s get to work creating exactly what you need to succeed.