January 23, 2018
by Michael Jeppesen

I drove by the new 2.4 million square foot Amazon facility just west of the Salt Lake International airport a couple of days ago.  What a site, literally.

The speed at which this 840,000 SF footprint building has risen from the ground is quite astounding.  With 70 facilities and nearly 100 million square feet under roof, I suppose Amazon has learned a thing or two about hiring the right teams.  Velocity and organization are now the new norms of what individuals and business entities expect now.  You go online, you press “one-click” ordering and the package shows up.  Clients are expecting that same type of service now in other areas, healthcare, groceries, mortgage loans…real estate services too.

The stakes are high, the demands are real and the opportunities are immense.  I hope in all our “busy-ness”, we can take time to slow it down, to focus on the things that are important to us, family, friends, a higher calling, whatever that may be for you.