October 24, 2017
by Michael Jeppesen

Holy Moly!!! (As my wife likes to say) This has been another very active and gratifying year so far. I read recently a commentary that said we will look back on this period of time as the “Golden Era” for industrial real estate. It is easy to imagine that being true.  IPG Commercials involvement in several market shaping deals has continued this year as in 2015 and 2016.  The northwest quadrant of Salt Lake City is as exciting of a development area as any I have seen in the entire country.

Our successes have also afforded us the opportunity and pleasure to travel substantially more this year, both for business and pleasure.  I’m headed to Chicago today for the SIOR Fall World Conference, after just returning home late last week from 3 weeks in Europe and Africa.  The big question for me and what I challenge both friends and family to ponder: Is your “busy” getting you where you want and need to be in your life?  Are you fulfilled or depleted, or some of both? I am pushing myself to take responsibility for creating my life and making choices that make my life better and allow me to serve others to hopefully make their lives better as well.

I hope for you joy and gratitude in your search for a balanced “busy”.

Michael Jeppesen SIOR, CCIM, LEED AP
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