May 10, 2022
by Guest User

Concrete slabs are a crucial part of the construction of any building, they ensure that the structure sits on a horizontal surface and supports everything above it. The beautiful and modern Copper Crossing buildings represented by our team are built on 7” thick reinforced slabs, this is the new normal for industrial slabs and allows for the most support for any type of industrial tenant’s needs!

With there being a focus on how we can make each facet of our lives more sustainable, concrete is among the things people are making a case for, and for good reason. Concrete is the second most-consumed product in the world, only behind water and as one could imagine, that means that it is being mass-produced which can be very costly to the environment if not done properly. The new aim for concrete is to use recycled materials to make it, the materials mostly consist of items such as blast furnace slag, recycled glass aggregate, and fly ash as well. These products require less energy to produce because normal concrete production requires breaking down materials whereas the materials listed above are already broken down. Developing this product means that the 5-8% contribution to worldwide carbon emissions that concrete production produces could be reduced by nearly 80% in the future. Between using recycled materials and fewer fossil fuels, the cost of production and the cost of the actual product is comparatively less than the normal production of concrete as well.

The idea of producing products with recycled materials and reusing waste to make something useful is the type of innovation that will help our world get set on a healthier course for our children and grandchildren as well. It is always important to think about how we can help improve the marvelous world we all share.