This last Saturday my wife rushed me off to the hospital due to some abdominal pain.  After several hours and many tests Dr. Jolley the ER doc determined that my appendix would have to come out right away.

Oddly enough before we left for the hospital, I got on the internet and through some quick research self-diagnosed that it was my appendix that was giving me problems.

What I learned about this unique organ is that modern medicine does not completely know its purpose, other than that it has something to do with creating good bacteria for the colon.  In most patients that have it removed there appear to be very few, if any bad side effects.

I don’t know about you, but I want all the “good bacteria” in my life as possible!  I have plenty of “bad bacteria” coming at me and I can use all the counter measures available!  Regardless I went through with the surgery late Saturday night, and was discharged from the hospital with good narcotics on Sunday morning.

It’s now been a few days, and things are healing up, but this process has given me an interesting analogy to look at other aspects of my life.  What other areas am I engaged in that it is hard to determine a meaningful purpose for the activity.

In the industrial real estate business we tend to run around and chase several opportunities at the same time, hoping that something will “stick to the wall”. I have heard it said that commercial real estate brokers “get paid for the deals they don’t make”.

Perhaps it is time to do some “cutting away” in my professional life as well.  I have always preferred to work for fewer clients, providing a higher level of service and being their “go to guy” for any commercial real estate need.  In the last couple of years and especially recently we have noticed a trend of some of our newer clients engaging multiple brokers to do duplicitous work for them.  We think this is the wrong approach for everybody and leads to poor use of time and resource, poor communication and unfavorable long term results.

Our vision at IPG Commercial is that we are a strategic partner to primarily industrial owners, tenants and investors.  We speculate our time on behalf of our clients to understand their motivations and desires.  If they allow us to, we weave ourselves into the fabric of their business.  We literally become their real estate department.  In exchange our clients give us their commitment, that so long as we are proactively accomplishing their real estate goals, they work with us as their sole choice provider for commercial real estate.  We are so grateful for our long standing clients that have been loyal over the years, and commit to stay focused on their needs.  And for our newer clients we promise to listen to your needs and work together to create relationships that not only win the race, but cut away what is not needed, and ultimately make your lives better.