Featured in a recent Wall Street Journal Article, Austrian Company, Michael Pachleitner Group, has some exciting new options in the way of wearable computer glasses. The computer projects digital information onto one of the clear lenses over one of the eyes and gives directions via the Wi-Fi connection to the 1.4 million products stored in the company’s warehouse.

The application of the computer glasses in the warehousing setting could have broad uses in the industrial sector. The hands free computer screen could be used by many companies that have pickers gathering product for shipments or for manufacturing companies where hands free data could improve efficiencies. For the Michael Pachleitner Group, they estimate that the glasses will reduce picking errors by 60%.

At $13,000 per device the technology is still cost prohibitive for most industrial users but with more companies entering the computer eyeglass market, including Google, the competition and interest promises to bring this innovation to the forefront and will drive down the price.