I recently visited San Jose del Cabo in Baja, Mexico. One of our stops took us to a restaurant called Guacamaya’s.  This place was a blast!  Musicians in the street greeted us upon arrival, the staff was friendly and it had a party atmosphere. (may have been the tequila I had before I got there)



This guy right at the front door is carving the most succulent pork you could imagine.  He offered us a taste, and that was it!

That philosophy really works.  If you have a good product, show it off, and don’t be afraid to share a bit for free to get folks excited about it.

At IPG Commercial Real Estate we don’t roast pork, but we do know a thing or two about industrial real estate.  We’d like to offer a free “taste” of what we have to offer. Our What’s It Worth? toolkit is just about to launch with our new website.  Just a few keystrokes, and we will provide a current valuation opinion of your property.  Look for the new IPG website to go live this month.