August 29, 2022
by Jay Flynn

High flow-through logistics or “HFT” for short, is an up-and-coming style of logistics that focuses primarily on the movement of goods instead of the storage of goods. This facilitation starts with a particular mode of transportation dropping goods at this logistics center where they are then in the “last mile” location to be delivered to the final destination from that location. These locations are mostly located in large cities, hubs for logistics, and the transportation of goods. Examples of these facilities include cross-dock truck terminals, on-airport cargo facilities, and drayage yards, which are just a few examples of high flow-through locations that allow for the efficiencies of the supply chain to improve from the facilitation of distribution.

The growth of this style of logistics is mostly due to the rise in popularity of the direct-to-consumer shipment method, which makes these high-flow-through facilities crucial for timely delivery. This trend allows for quicker delivery to the customer and people love the convenience factor of quick shipments to their houses. If a company is capable of providing convenient delivery methods, then high flow-through facilities will consistently grow due to the demand. The supply chain and logistics have been subject to incredible amounts of change for many different reasons, this adjustment is just one part of the uniqueness of the modern supply chain our world depends on today.