This week I read the Best Practices for the Intensive Use of Industrial Land Discussion Paper written for the Vancouver Industrial Market.  The paper discusses the challenges faced as populations grow and land is scarce for industrial development, developers and communities must become more creative to better utilize industrial sites and make them more efficient.  While Salt Lake and Utah still have plenty of commercial and industrial real estate available for the near term these ideas and practices are affecting many markets across the world and with our growth rates it isn’t too soon to begin planning ahead.

The paper touts the benefits of this intensification explaining that it provides “the opportunity to accommodate increased economic and employment activity on a limited land base, more efficient use of lands and resources, reducing impact on the environment, using transportation infrastructure more efficiently, extending the lifespan of available industrial lands, and reducing the pressure to convert agricultural and rural lands to industrial uses.”Take a moment to peruse the discussion paper here and explore the world of evolving industrial buildings.