August 14, 2017
by Jeremy Jensen

Utah Government leaders at the state, county and city levels are discussing the possibility of an Inland Port. An inland port is an intermodal transportation hub located away from typical coastal ports with access to goods being distributed via air, truck and rail. Utah meets many of the essential criteria required to have an inland port, but more studies and potentially legislative action will be required to determine the ultimate viability of the project.  One of the major positive factors in a port consideration for Utah, “known as the crossroads of the West” already has rail access to four major west coastal ports in Seattle, Portland, Oakland and Los Angeles and has an international airport.

If an inland port proves to be a viable option for Utah and the required infrastructure can be funded and developed it would be another major force for regional economic development. The best location for the inland port would be in Salt Lake City’s NorthWest Quadrant near the airport with the benefit of all the new infrastructure being completed for the new State prison.

There is a lot of excitement and buzz surrounding the possibility of an inland port here in Utah and the associated real estate development that can and will occur as a result of a new inland port. Give us a call for more information.

A good place to find additional information, studies, and resources in regards to Utah’s possible Inland Port found here: