One huge benefit of living in Utah is the amazing mountains literally right in our backyard. We are lucky enough that we can bike right from our front door up the canyon. Yesterday on a property tour one of my clients (a recent transplant to Utah) reminded me how lucky we are to have these amazing mountains right in our backyard. This morning I woke up and the mountains were calling. I invited my wife and two of our daughters to join me on a bike ride up Millcreek Canyon. And, I am so glad I did! I snapped the photo below while riding up the canyon with a Wee Ride and a bike trailer in tow. This pic does NOT do the colors justice! The fall colors are absolutely gorgeous!

My ride this morning was nice reminder for me that seasons change and we must seize the moment. It won’t be long before my 6 year old is in 1st grade and her mornings are no longer free and my 2 year old will join the ranks of the preschoolers. And, it won’t be long till these fall colors are once again gone for the year.

Seize the moment. It’s time! Capture all that is awesome in life as often as possible!