May 14, 2019
by Candace Keller

The SL Chamber released the 4th quarter results of the Chamber’s CEOutlook 2018 Q4 survey – a statewide economic survey of Utah business executives. The results are intended to help business and community leaders make informed decisions. The Confidence Index decreased from 60.9 in 2018-Q3 to 55.5 for 2018-Q4, as executives continue to report cautious optimism for the economy. The Index can range from 0 to 100. A score below 50 indicates executives believe the economy will worsen; a score above 50 indicates a belief among executives that the economy will improve. “There is no question that there is more uncertainty facing business, civic and elected leaders. That is why it is essential that we understand that, as business leaders, we can play an active role in defining our future.” said Derek Miller, president of the SL Chamber. 63% of executives report similar economic conditions for Utah’s economy as compared to the previous six months, and nearly one-third of executives note improvement, while trend points to moderating environment. The study also shows that a majority of executives, 67%, anticipate Utah’s strong economy will hold steady in months ahead. Factors that executives believe could have a negative impact on Utah’s economy include the tight labor market, rising housing prices and declining sentiment.