Slightly trite, but nonetheless the title of this blog seems appropriate right now with a soaring Salt Lake City industrial real estate market, and in the general economy as well.  It is an interesting part of human nature how business confidence,  deal prowess, financial well-being, and sense of security goes in cycles in our crazy world.  My business partner and I attend 2 national SIOR conferences a year for some of the most seasoned and high performing industrial and office real estate brokers in the world.  The last conference we attended this May was the first in years where EVERYONE we talked to was absolutely ecstatic about the state of commercial real estate.  While it is impossible to predict how long these same folks will be singing praises, one thing we have learned is that everything financial is cyclical.  We say “live for today, enjoy the ride, but plan for tomorrow”.  If you have been thinking about making changes in your current industrial or investment real estate situation, drop us a note.  We would love to provide you the same thoughtful solutions our past clients have come to expect from IPG Commercial Real Estate.  Best wishes and enjoy the rest of your summer!