If you are like many of our clients, who own commercial real estate in Utah, then you may be having the same types of conversations that they have with us.

Our clients are mostly concerned about the anemic financial recovery, the overwhelming deficit, welfare benefits, and tax increases. All of these issues have certainly restricted most business decision makers confidence and impeded progress and growth.

Even so, here in Utah things are still looking pretty rosy, and conditions seem to be improving all around us as well.  In a straw poll with a few of the top general contractors in the region, business is picking up, and backlogs of work are on the increase.  Home builders are seeing increased activity as well.  So long as interest rates stay as low as they are, more first time buyers and buyers looking to upgrade will have the needed purchasing power to make a move. A great sign to us is that developers are actually buying land again! 

At IPG Commercial Real Estate, our goal is to help de-stress important decisions related to your commercial/industrial property.  Give us a call at (801) 746-7295, whether you want to talk about the election or an upcoming commercial real estate need.  We will do our best to bring you some good news for a change!