March 11, 2019
by Michael Jeppesen

If your company is like several of our clients, then you are busier than ever!  Typically in commercial real estate things tend to slow down in January and February and start to pick back up in March and April.  Not this year!  We have seen the strongest start to a new year ever in our three decade careers.  It seems unintuitive, but perhaps economist Mark Dotzour was right a couple of years ago when he pronounced that our economy might just skip over the economic recession just like a fast driving car on a pothole filled dirt road.  (Link to Mark Dotzour presentation here: )

 It truly has been a fast and furious ride and one that we are grateful to experience with all of you, our friends, families and clients alike.

Hope you have a great rest of winter and looking forward to watching the flowers start to come up in the next 30 days or so!