March 3, 2022
by Skyler Smith

The western states are stepping up to the plate to create a new energy option for residents and companies driving throughout the west. State governors in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming are creating a plan to invest federal funding to build statewide facilities for hydrogen vehicles in the future.

With oil possibly looking at negative long-term effects due to sanctions against Russia, there is a growing focus on energy independence. The growth of hydrogen, solar, wind, and other fuel sources noted in the report could help to take advantage of untapped energy from our own backyard giving us newfound independence. While this plan wouldn’t immediately take effect, it could lessen the effects of future conflicts and shipping problems greatly. As a multi-state approach, the plan could encourage shipping companies to take advantage of long-haul hydrogen sooner as infrastructure will be more widely available.

The states will now need to show plans to successfully create viable infrastructure for vehicles before any funding can be distributed but this could be a major step for hydrogen fuel throughout the western states.