After 4 years of study and investigation, the legislative group assigned to investigate and recommend a site for potential prison relocation to the legislature and Governor’s Office has extended their reporting deadline for an additional two months.

The existing prison facility in Draper houses 4,000 inmates, employs 800 employees, uses approximately 600,000 gallons of water a day, and has been added onto 7 times since its initial construction in 1951. Consultants have estimated that the cost to maintain and improve the existing “antiquated, unsafe, and expensive to operate facility” is $578 million over the next 20 years is greater than the $550 million price tag of a brand new facility. Consultant reports indicate a need for at least 500 acres to accommodate a new prison facility and just 4 sites (Grantsville, Eagle Mountain, Fairfield, and Salt Lake City (west of Airport) are left in consideration.

Where do you think the prison should be and, if it moves, what will the current Draper site look like 10 years from today?