It was a windy, not so blistering hot day in the city of sin as JJ and I walked south of Fremont Street back towards the “strip”. One of the geeky IT guys on the tour we had just left hollered out; “Hey…you guys like Pawn Stars?”  JJ not knowing much about the latest shows on TV yelled back…”No, thanks we don’t want to see any naked people, but thanks for asking!”  The IT geek said; “Well if you change your minds, it’s just about 6 blocks away from here and you should go check it out.”  As I chuckled, I explained a bit about the show Pawn Stars, and how “you never know what’s going to walk through that door”.   As an avid viewer of that show and “Pickers” on The History Channel, I thought it would be fun to see the store, so we headed that way.  As we walked we got into a discussion about why people are so interested in watching both of these shows.  We decided it is because most of us are fascinated to learn about things we don’t know about, affirm the things we do know, and perhaps most of all find out What’s it Worth!

As it turns out, IPG has created a spinoff idea with our very own Building Valuator at Just like the guys in Pawn Stars know a thing or two about valuing peoples personal property, IPG knows a lot about industrial real estate.  We use that knowledge to provide you a quick and free opinion of value for your industrial property.  Check it out today and see what we think it’s worth!


MJ at Las Vegas Pawn Stars store