Did you take time from your day to play a prank on someone in your office this year for April Fool’s Day?  At IPG the fooler was the fool this year.  If you know Michael then you know he has been dealing with a stubborn kidney stone for the last month or so.  On Easter Sunday he went in for surgery to get the little bugger out once and for all!  He used the situation to tell his co-workers that the doctors suggested a “new” and “experimental” procedure that required they go into his brain through his eye socket to correct a signal telling the kidney to make stones!!

Would you believe, they actually fell for it? For the prank, Michael had to endure a couple punches to the arm and taking off that sticky bandage off of his head! (ouch)  As it turned out, everyone else got the last laugh.

While our team knows how to have fun, we take making our industrial real estate clients lives better as our first priority.  Let us know what challenges you are facing,  investing, selling or leasing industrial property. We will gladly share our recipe for incredible results, and perhaps a few laughs along the way!