This morning Craig and I attended the another important event to commercial real estate in Utah, the Zion’s Bank Trade and Business Conference. We heard from several business and civic leaders, including Scott Anderson, President and CEO of Zion’s Bank, Utah Governor Gary Herbert, David Neeleman, founder of Jet Blue and Azul Airline in Brazil, and Stephen Moore, Senior Economics Writer from The Wall Street Journal, Max Boot, Senior Fellow in National Securities Studies, Council on Foreign Relations, and Carly Fiorina, Former Chair and CEO, Hewlett Packard.

Here are some of the concepts shared by a couple of the speakers at the event today.

David Neeleman – Three tips to create a great company.

1. Hire great people.

2. Be flawless in execution.

3. If something goes wrong in flawless execution, make it right. And make peoples lives better. Employees and clients!

Stephen Moore

1. We are on the cusp of an incredible economic boom in the US.

2. “The US economy is going to take off like never before done in history.

3. Oil and gas finds in the US will fuel our expansion.

4. More oil has been found in North Dakota alone than all of Saudi Arabia.

5. Top 1% of US income earners now pay more than 95% of tax payers.

6. 80% to 90% chance Obama Care will be overturned by the Supreme court next month.

7. Inflation is almost inevitable.

8. The two most important challenges of the next 40 years will be to (1) reduce debt; and (2) remain a super power.


Congratulations to Jas. D. Easton, Inc and it’s subsidiaries, Easton Technical Products, Hoyt Archery, and Delta Sports Products for recognition as the Zion’s Bank Global Pacesetter Award.  Congratulations to Greg Easton and the entire Easton team!