“Great people do great things.” “We asked them to do the impossible and they just did it!” “I thought I was a good negotiator, but I’m sure glad I hired IPG. They negotiated a world class deal for me”.

At Industrial Property Group, our biggest asset is our repeat clients telling our story for us.  The previous quotes are from national and international companies that have done multiple repeat business with us over the course of decades.

We build deep relationships and strive to be in the fabric of our clients lives and livelihoods. It’s the advantage our boutique size offers us; more individual attention and more of our hard-earned expertise in brokerage, development, and management so you’re sure you’ve got the right partners helping you navigate your unique course. If you want an agile, award-winning team that takes their commitment to your goals seriously, values collaboration over a quick buck, and has fun in the process, then you want Industrial Property Group.



Delivering the most effective solution—that’s it. Plain and simple. With our sole focus on industrial real estate, we see what others can’t to provide solutions others won’t. We get you exactly what you need and deliver it effectively time after time. Period



Our owner/occupier clients sought out a better way to get new projects built. We rose to the challenge and integrated industrial fee development services into our existing brokerage platform.  The result is a powerful integrated methodology that takes you from green field to business growth in one seamless approach. Our team has decades of experience developing all types of industrial facilities across the United States.  We get up early and stay up late, sweating the details so that you can rest better!



You want peace of mind. We give it to you. We help keep your industrial building portfolio performing at its peak. We keep owner/occupiers and tenants happy, and the property well-cared-for and competitive in the market. We attend to all details that assure your return on investment and future value is preserved. Our property and asset management team doesn’t say they’ll get it done, they just get it done. We think that’s what a real partnership is about.

Focused On Clients

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From our take on industry trends and insights to company announcements and more, this is where we offer up off-the-cuff thoughts on what it all possibly means.


Let’s Get This Partnership Started

We’ve got decades of expertise, a dedicated team, a world-class international network, and we understand that when it comes to building your business and solving your unique challenges, one solution definitely doesn’t fit all. The only thing that’s missing now is you. Let’s collaborate together. Reach out and let’s get to work creating exactly what you need to succeed.